General Questions

1What is charger detection mode?
The app will sound an alarm if the device is unplugged from the charger without entering the right password. This is useful for situation like public charging points in Airports, Cafe's, Hostels etc.
2What is motion detection mode?
When the device is moved from its original location then immediately an alarm is triggered unless the right password is entered. This is useful for situations like at work if you have to keep the device on your desk on go away for a short duration.
3What is proximity detection mode?
When the device is inside your pocket and you are in motion, for example travelling to work then this mode can help protect your device from pocket lifting. An alarm is triggered if the device is removed from the pocket without entering the right password.
4What is SIM detection mode?
When the device is lost and if the new user changes the SIM card then the app recognizes this and silently sends both SMS and email to the original owner about the devices new location and also the new SIM card details. Using which you can retrieve your device easily.

Settings Options

1How to deactivate the the alarm silently?
Increase grace time in settings in order to delay the alarm from immediately starting when the device is moved or disconnected from the charger. We recommend that you do not increase this to more than 5 seconds since that is sufficient time to enter the password correctly.
2Will the alarm ring if the device is in silent or do not disturb mode?
Yes, the app has been programmed to override the default settings of the device in case an alarm is triggered. The device will go back to silent or do not disturb mode after the right password is entered.
3What will happen if the device is switched off or battery is removed?
Once, the device is started the alarm will continue until the right password is entered. Without this password the device will become useless to the thief.
4What if I forget my password?
You can select forgot password on the password screen in order to reset your password. You will need to enter the original information you entered during app installation to reset the password.
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